Our E-commerce Platform Development ensures a healthy Return on Investment (ROI) while also delivering a seamless shopping experience

eCommerce Platform Development

Why You Need E-commerce Platform Development?

Our well-crafted E-commerce platform implementation ensures healthy Return on Investment (ROI) for your business. Because it is meticulously engineered for long-term goals to easily sustain numerous product revisions over time. Furthermore, it is optimized to handle extreme traffic during the peak sale seasons.

We could deliver the E-commerce platform development services at 50% less cost and time. This is due to our innovative idea of embracing multi-brand and multi-country sites on a single platform. Furthermore, the majority of the E-commerce frameworks are open-source models of online store systems which are available for free.

Furthermore, we adopt a single code base to reduce the complexity of the platform. Consequently, we do not add multiple websites for catering to the needs of each country from our service list. Also, several coders across the globe are constantly managing and developing these open-source models. So, you will get the most up-to-date E-commerce platform development with plenty of documentation and blog posts for reference.

Types of E-commerce Platform Development Tools or E-commerce Frameworks

You can choose from any of the following E-commerce platforms or frameworks, depending upon the type of development experience you want. For instance, you may choose between a fee-based (monthly) or a completely open-source E-commerce platform.

The paid version would be more user-friendly while the open-source version would need some expertise to set it up properly. For instance, you could use the Shopify platform for as low as $10 per month. It includes services like marketing tools, plugins, hosting, a website builder, and a slew of inventory options.


  • Open source E-commerce Platforms are available for free
  • It gives more creative control over design and functionality
  • Open-Source platforms offer more unique features as they are constantly being developed and updated
  • Your Online Store will have more flexibility in terms of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Also, you will have more control over key functionalities like hosting, plugins and themes.


  • Open Source E-commerce frameworks usually need some degree of development or coding expertise. However, you could always hire a developer when needed.
  • The self-hosting option is unavailable with most of the Open Source models. So, you will have to manually find a server for hosting your platform.
  • You will have to manually configure all the site-related operations like speed optimization, security, and maintenance.
  • The web designer interface is less user-friendly than paid versions like Shopify.
  • Dedicated technical support is not available. So, you will not get round the clock assistance over the email or phone like in paid versions.

Best Open Source E-Commerce Platforms

Let us take a sneak peek at some of the best Open-Source E-commerce platforms available in the market today:


WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin which works like plug-and-play. So, you just install WordPress on your host system and update the plugin to get a fully working online store. Then you will get access to product pages, inventory management, and coupons.


X-Cart is free and Open Source, but also a self-hosting enabled platform. Furthermore, it is touted to be one of the fastest Open-Source E-commerce Platform Development tool available in the market. For the record, it has paved the way for over 35,000 online stores till date. Additionally, it comes with a free trial for the premium service as a one-time payment option.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is specifically built for the amateurs and newbies with no expertise in coding or developing any online stores. In other words, it is extremely user-friendly as it doesn’t require any advanced coding skills.

Magento Open Source

Magento is the most popular among all the available Open Source E-commerce Platform Development tools due to its abundance of features. Consequently, it uncovers new avenues of marketing strategies like recurring payments, membership plans, and discounts. Also, Magento works very similar to WordPress and offers total control over the design and functionality of your E-commerce website.

Open Cart

Open Cart is extremely user-friendly and lightweight which makes it ideal for start-ups. So, it takes less time to configure it from scratch and also brings down the total cost of setting up the store.


Joomla is an award-winning content management system which enables you to build websites and powerful online apps with ease. It has seen tremendous development since its inception in 2005. Consequently, it is very stable, secure and highly customizable.


Prestashop is known in the E-commerce world for its ease of use and stunning interface. It is tailor-made for amateurs and newbies as it doesn’t need any experience to install. Furthermore, it is extremely lightweight like the Open Cart E-commerce platform.


osCommerce brings you access to a fabulous community of coders and users. Close to 300,000 online stores have been built using osCommerce, especially given its quality features, usability, and dedicated online support.


JigoShop offers an intuitive and nifty interface with a wide array of plugins and add-ons. Thereby, it is built for scaling up your site with ease. JIgoShop is another user-friendly platform for beginners with stunning themes, besides a slick interface for your product promotions.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal is the most common tool for building any website and it is the biggest competitor of WordPress. This is especially true, given its strong fan-following on the Internet. Its extremely flexible and versatile interface makes it the defacto standard for E-commerce Platform Development and web designing. Also, its high scalability is another big plus for growing E-commerce businesses.


VirtueMart is another Open Source E-commerce solution which is based on Mambo or Joomla content management systems. It is best suited for low to medium-level traffic websites.

What is Included in E-commerce Platform Development?

The scope for E-commerce platform development has grown immensely over the years. This is especially true as newer technologies have brought a multitude of advantages ranging from cost-effectiveness to ease of usability. Consequently, users can choose from a wide array of platform tools for improved scalability, appealing interface, and versatility as the choice just boils down to individual preferences and needs.

Theme Customisation

Crisp and usability focused E-commerce templates for unique business requirements

Plugin and Module Development

Plugins and modules for added functionality and features

Responsive Layout

Customer-centric E-commerce solutions with marketing-driven features like a discount code, cross-selling, and enterprise solutions

Payment Gateway

Payment integration services for websites and mobile apps

Bug Resolving

Effective end-to-end bug resolving services for the smooth running of E-commerce stores

Data Migration

World class data migration services with a clear strategy, robust tools set, structured methodology and specialist expertise.

Support and Maintenance

E-commerce website maintenance services for enhancing brand recognition, brand awareness and revenue generation across brand channels

SEO-friendly site

We design your product pages to support SEO friendly content

Multi-currency support

Multi-currency support feature for your shopping cart aka E-commerce platform to cater to your customers across the globe

Augmented Reality (AR) tool for E-commerce

We alter core human experience with AR-powered E-commerce Platform Development that will overcome the psychological barrier of shoppers while evaluating or envisioning the products in real time

Voice Shopping

Voice shopping enables customers to make hands free purchases on the E-commerce platform based on product selections from the browsing history

AI Solution

Also, AI-powered E-commerce platform changes the way users interact with the online store.

Audio and Video E-Commerce

Built-in audio and video E-commerce tools promote sales by offering personal shopping experience to users

IoT Solutions

Voice shopping enables customers to make hands free purchases on the E-commerce platform based on product selections from the browsing history

Predictive Pricing

Online retailers can run predictive analytics algorithms using tools which help in predicting demand volume changes to determine the right pricing strategy


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