FranchiseBazar Case Study

FranchiseBazar Case is a brand owned by Sparkleminds, a complete franchise solutions company, operating out of India since 1998. Over the years they have worked with several hundred entrepreneurs and have helped them realize their business goals. FranchiseBazar has worked tirelessly in pursuit of matching the perfect business opportunity for all our clients, whether they are individuals, couples, groups or companies. They have well-defined systems and processes that ensure that you engage with companies, correctly and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Business Needs

They have over 2500+ brands that have registered with them there are around 3000+ companies that are organized and have about 5000 companies franchising with them and have a set target of 10000 in a year’s time. Therefore, they required a really good backend support in order to cater to their growing needs in the coming times. They required a Dashboard that would help the entrepreneurs in getting themselves registered with us and explore business opportunities that would be of their interest. Admin application was what they needed at the earliest as once the business seeker registers with them the Sales Team was to get in touch with them as soon as possible for which they had to have a prior knowledge on what is the needs of the business seeker and how could we serve them better.

The other requisites of the of FranchiseBazar were – Tracking Systems, Payment gateway integration, content management system. We also had to work on Tracking System in terms of what is being done on the Dash Board in the backend either by the franchisor or by the internal team which could be like – Upgrading membership plan, changing logos and banners of the companies, activating and deactivating companies as per their time period and more. There was also a need for a Content Management System where either the entrepreneur or executives from the company could make the changes on the profile of the business seeker or the entrepreneur which included changes in the description of the company, adding related keywords in order make the site SEO friendly, or they could put up a blog by themselves or we can make and uploads blogs to make the website interactive and informational.

The most important requirement we worked for them is Integrating the Payment Gateway in on the website were without any hindrance the business seeker or the entrepreneur could make the required payment and either upgrade their membership, change plans and explore different membership plans as per their investment range etc.

Our Solution

We worked on the requirements of the company by building the Dash Board which would suit both the FranchiseBazar executives and the entrepreneurs where they could look at business opportunities that are available with is which is of their interest and that which suited their investment, but we made a provision that only those you took up a platinum membership or a platinum plus membership are able to connect with the brand and not the one who has taken up a free membership etc. The Dash Board also contained sub-sections like – Industry and it sub-industries, active and in-active Brands, Verified and Non-Verified Brands, City Pages.

The most important solutions we gave them was the Lead Management System where we could keep a track of the leads the entrepreneurs get from our dashboard and also, we can keep a track of the count and once they have reached the limit we are to notify them on their leads and request them to upgrade their membership for more leads and services from their end.

We built a Content Management System for the team, where the entrepreneur can add and edit their own information on the website be it their profile, blogs in case they have posted any. Executives from the company also could make the required changes from their backend to upgrade their membership or changing plans or also bring any brands on the home page and running their respective banners and logos in the home page of FranchiseBazar.

Admin Application and Payment Gateway was also worked on. With the help of Admin Application executives from FranchiseBazar could keep a track of what are the leads the entrepreneurs have made an access to, who have they contacted and if they have closed a deal or things related to leads. One of the best solutions we gave them as we were able to Integrate the Payment Gateway System on their dashboard which entrepreneurs or company executives could excess it form their backend in order to make the payment for the membership which to take or for us to make the payment on their behalf and them the required service which was as per their membership plan.


After the successful launch of the website, below mentioned points were the outcome for the same.

  • Seamlessly make changes in the profile of the entrepreneur whenever required
  • Make any profile SEO friendly
  • Entrepreneurs could make payments without any hindrance
  • Access to businesses was made limited, depending on the membership plan
  • Leads of the entrepreneurs could be tracked
  • Upload and Edit of Blogs and Articles could be done at ease