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HTML5 Development

Why You Need HTML5 Development Services?

HTML5 is by far the simplest and the most flexible cross-platform development solution in the market today. Moreover, it brings high-performing and feature-packed web and mobile experiences.

It is the most-desirable language for structuring and publishing content for the World Wide Web as it brings the best visual representation for online content. Furthermore, the latest XML integrations, as well as CSS manifest and content scripting, are the pillars of our HTML5 Development Services. Additionally, it includes audio & video support.

We have been using HTML5 very extensively for presenting and sharing information across the web. Moreover, it also serves as the best communication medium on the Internet. It is also fully compatible with different kinds of websites ranging from online shopping portals to financial firms. Consequently, you can easily promote your business or create future leads with such a versatile platform

HTML5 is highly adept for online content creation as it allows you to easily embed audio and video, animation and charts. It also supports top-quality drawings without using tools like Flash or Silverlight, Flex or Javascript. Because all such functionalities are built right into the browser.

It also supports offline page caching so that you can refresh any page offline and also ensure that its content renders correctly. Consequently, it brings you a plethora of benefits like offline browsing, quicker loading of files, reduced server load and more.

HTML5 Development Services – What It Includes?

Node.js Development

HTML5 Consulting

Using our HTML5 Consulting services, you can get your business-specific application designed as a highly-flexible engagement model. Consequently, we start the design work after the comprehensive evaluation of your business and IT requirements. Thereby, we ensure that the right development solution is both quickly and affordably delivered to meet your business needs.

Responsive Design

Nowadays, mobile phone users are increasingly consuming web content. So, it is imperative to ensure that the HTML5 applications have a responsive design. This means the same content can be accessed on all hardware platforms (mobile phones, tablets, and desktops) with varying display resolutions and screen sizes, without compromising the user experience.

Mobile Web Development

Our mobile web development services ensure that your website is mobile responsive to user-friendly and engaging content. Furthermore, our mobile websites provide a rich UI experience at lower bandwidth as it uses HTML’s lightweight design.

Node.js Development

Custom HTML5 Design

Additionally, custom HTML5 design brings rich UI elements and seamless user experience with value-added apps and websites. So, such a design basically aims at superior functionality, greater speed, and enhanced performance.

Node.js Development

HTML5 Development

It brings secure, sustainable and scalable solutions to your business with cross-platform support.

Data Migration and Maintenance

It allows a hassle-free data migration without destroying or modifying the original content or structure.

Cross-platform Development

HTML5 also brings cross-platform compatibility to your website as the same code can run seamlessly on any iPhone, iPad or other mobile applications.

Node.js Development

HTML5 Website Development

Also, HTML5 based web development enables developers to fix technical issues easily, besides offering a cost-optimized solution for businesses.

HTML5 Web App Development

Also, our HTML5 based web app solutions ensure that the user does not need to install the same app on multiple device platforms.

Key Advantages of HTML5

  • Firstly, HTML5 integrates key supporting technologies like CSS3 to empower web and mobile solutions for delivering improved user experience and performance.
  • Secondly, it offers an abundance of tags for supporting multimedia capabilities such as playing video, animations, music files and drawings without add-ons or browser plug-ins.
  • Thirdly, HTML5 supports offline cache and offline database with browser-based apps. Consequently, you can continue accessing content offline for all open web pages in case your internet is disconnected abruptly.
  • Finally, Developers find it easier to code or design your website in HTML as it is based on Standard Generalized Markup Language. It is the simplest language available to web designers as it does not need any special software or platform to work. Besides, it employs the easiest way to create powerful yet attractive and highly-responsive websites for an incredible browsing experience.


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