IndiaFranchiseConsultants Case Study

IndiaFranchiseConsultant Case StudyIndiaFranchiseConsultants is a part of Sparkleminds and FranchiseBazar who are the front runners with an expert knowledge in the spectrum of franchising business. Sparkleminds with over two decades of experience have successfully helped franchisors in growing their business. Similarly, FranchiseBazar is a powerful lead generation portal helping franchisor and franchisee in finding the right franchise business opportunity. Therefore, in order to help the entrepreneurs in finding or hiring the perfect franchise consultant, as a result, we ventured into starting a niche platform with IndiaFranchiseConsultants which exclusively helps a person to become a certified franchise consultant. Today franchise consultancy opportunities are in big demand with entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities and therefore making IndiaFranchiseConsultants the need of the hour for franchise consultant solutions.

Business Needs

Their business needs were similar to those while working for Sparkleminds, but since India Franchise Consultant is a niche segment altogether the website made on WordPress was in a different theme which would suit the Franchise Consulting Model. The WordPress solutions had different formats as they had a different solution that they were looking at since they were primarily looking at serving the Indian Market the website was made Indianize considering pictures, the themes used etc.

  • Designing
  • WordPress solutions
  • Mobile responsive
  • User can fill expansion form

We build a website with the help WordPress which would be perfect as per their business needs and their functionality as it did not require them to have any dashboard or any other such functional activities. The reason is that WordPress is one of the most sorts after open source Content Management System that would serve the purpose of as the would be needing constant updates on the content for the website. Another major reason being there is a lot of template’s that could be used which would go according to the content and theme of IndiaFranchiseConsultants.

The biggest merit of using a WordPress site is Yoast could be included on the site which is majorly used to make the site Readability and SEO friendly, which could bring the website listing on the first page on any search engine platform and also the content could easily be edited and changed whenever it demanded change. New pages could be added easily without the intervention of any developer vice -versa.

Design plays an important role in the WordPress CMS as there are a plethora of options that can be chosen which would suit the business as per the content and the website needs which can be updated on the timely basis.

We made the India Franchise Consultant website mobile responsive for the fact that in recent times every desktop working has come on the app-based working and in today’s time on one has the time to sit on a desktop and work people prefer their phones and in case you do not have a mobile compatible website, they are out of the league in many ways. Therefore, we ensured that not only India Franchise Consultant is mobile compatible but also fits the configuration of every mobile needs for better reach and stability.

Our Solution

We built a website for India Franchise Consultant wholly based on – WordPress solution as it is easy to be used, the content for the website can be updated at any given time and does not require a guidance of a web developer, and it is a user-friendly platform that is majorly used worldwide. The important benefit they received by it was they could include Yoast in it to make the site SEO friendly and which could be changed on a timely manner whenever needed in order to keep them step ahead of their counterparts in the industry.

The design of a website plays a very important role for the company as it is one of the first few things any business owner, entrepreneur or a business seeker would visit the company and by imbibing WordPress this worked in their favor as they now could change themes as and when it required them to in order to go with the changing times in the industry. WordPress has a lot of themes that can be made use of for free and change with changing times.

Mobile Responsive is another major platform we worked for them as they were catering to the business owner and they did things that can happen on a phone rather than sit in front of a desktop and spends hours together, therefore making the website mobile compatible was a major support for IndiaFranchiseConsultants. This was one of the best ways to adapt to the changes in this particular field.


The final outcome of the web development includes:

  • Content now can be changed as and when required without our intervention
  • Yoast has been implemented – to make the site Readability and SEO friendly
  • Designs now often change as and when required
  • Site is made user-friendly on both the ends – For the Business Owner as well as for IndiaFranchiseConsultant