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Joomla Development Services

Joomla is an award-winning and powerful open source Content Management System (CMS) which brings a plethora of feature extensions for a custom-coded PHP website. Consequently, it enables you to build powerful websites and online apps.

Why You Need Our Joomla Development Services?

We build highly-customized websites and apps with Joomla Development Services only after identifying your business target audience. Thereby, we will have a clear idea regarding the products and services that your audience expects from us. As a result, we will be in a better position to build a highly-impactful website that is focused on higher conversions. Our developers bring you alluring design makeover with unique features while portraying the brand personality of your website. Furthermore, our talented team of designers devotes ample time to create a blueprint that represents the overall page layout and structure.

As an open source CMS, our Joomla Development Services are offered at a nominal cost.  Besides, we bring you a large assortment of modules or extensions for free or at rock-bottom prices. Joomla is also highly-scalable as it enables us to manage thousands of web pages together, regardless of their size. Furthermore, our talented developers could handle the peak load without affecting the site’s performance. We also offer you re-branding services every 2 to 3 years at a throwaway price. This is due to Joomla’s high flexibility and scalability. Joomla enables us to easily manage or update content, add/remove/edit pages or upload images with ease. So, we not only give you a great looking website but also something which is easy to handle.

Joomla Development Services – What It Includes?

Website Design

Through the website design process, we provide improved user experience, besides the back-end customization.

Custom Template Design and Implementation

Our custom designer templates for Joomla come with W3C validation (markup validation towards ensuring the technical quality of web pages), besides 100% compliance with the next Joomla update.

Design to Joomla Conversion

Also, the conversion process includes various services like software application development, web application development, open source customization, portal development, eCommerce site development and more.

Custom Modules Development

Furthermore, we ensure your eCommerce website is fully optimized to meet your client’s distinct taste and business needs using the custom modules development.

Custom Components Development

Additionally, each component of your Joomla website can be customised to suit your company’s overall business purpose.

Theme Customisation

With Joomla’s themed customization, we also ensure a unique and appealing identity for your website.

Application Development

Take your business to the next level using the robust and visually-stunning Joomla apps that are tailor-made for your business.

Maintenance Service

As part of the maintenance service, it also offers periodic updates to the design and layout of your website.

Portal Maintenance

Finally, we bring improved user engagement to your site with regular content updates for news, entertainment, and other portals.

Joomla Development Services – Top Benefits and Features

Joomla is an extremely versatile and highly-adaptable web development platform that caters to nearly 2 million active websites worldwide. Furthermore, its rock-solid code base and massive global community make it a highly-desirable technology for web development.

Over 9% of all known business websites are currently using Joomla while its reach is spread over 6% of the CMS market worldwide. In other words, Joomla occupies over 3% of all services on the internet which makes it a popular choice.

Fast and Easy Content Management

Joomla’s content management system brings a few tiny yet intuitive features to enhance the overall user experience. Firstly, you can add notes in the backend to your articles and filter them. Secondly, there is a new search feature in the backend to find a specific article content. Thirdly, you can load a module by ID into your article or use Google Invisible reCAPTCHA on your websites. Finally, you can make use of Argon2id password with Joomla 3.9.

User Actions Log – Know who’s done what, and when

Want to know what administrative actions have been performed on your site? Thanks to Joomla 3.9, Super Users can easily see which user did what, and when. And it also works with supported extensions! Review the action log, export it and purge the entries. Likewise, you’ll never miss a trick, thanks to the latest actions module that can be added to your control panel.

User Consents – Make light work of data privacy requirements

Need users to consent to your privacy policy and/or terms and conditions? With Joomla 3.9, it’s all handled automatically. Simply and easily set up your core forms to request consent before collecting any personal data.You can also set up a time-based privacy consent expiration. Thereby, the system will let you know if and when you need to contact your users to renew consent. You can also track user consents, manage site policy changes and much more besides, all with a glance at your dashboard.

Search Engine Friendly

It is well-optimised for the search engine algorithm as it is extremely popular worldwide.

Mobile Friendly

It supports completely mobile-responsive designs as it is 100% compliant with varying screen sizes of mobile phones and tablets.

Unlimited Design

It does not impose any design limitations, because of its high flexibility and scalability factors.

Multilingual Support

It also supports multiple languages without any limitations.

Flexible & Fully Extensible

Regardless of the business portfolio or the project size, it offers scope for using new templates or extensions. Consequently, it also supports any business expansion with ease.

Support for Multi-user Permission

Joomla includes multi-user support which is another big plus for its highly-adaptable capabilities.


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