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Landing Page Design

Why You Need a Landing Page Design?

A well-designed landing page helps generate leads and increase profits or conversions through your company website. Also, landing pages will define the personality of your business portfolio and help in targeting the right audience for the desired results.

Furthermore, Landing Pages act as the hook for capturing the attention of the targeted audience through a positive user experience. A user-friendly navigation system helps in accomplishing this, as the landing page is a great way to drive traffic, improve your SEO, and build your brand.

Types of Landing Page Design Strategies

Landing Page Designs form an integral part of the web designing strategy. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right format to entice your potential customers for lead generation and conversions.

Sign-Up and Ebook are the most common types of landing page designs that are seen in the market today. So, let us take a sneak peek at some examples for each of these landing page designs:

Sign-Up Landing Page Design


Shopify’s trial landing page is a typical example of a simple yet user-specific design strategy. For instance, it uses bulleted points to highlight the benefits and other details of the trial services being offered. Keeping in line with its design simplicity, Shopify offers a simple form to the prospective customers, which consists of just a few fields that need to be filled up to get started.


A simple transfer form enables you to send and receive money in various currencies. For instance, it uses various call-to-action tabs which allow the user to sign-up for the service in a few simple clicks.


Airbnb offers weekly estimates on the average earnings potential of your business to users, based on the location. Furthermore, it helps you get a customized estimation for potential accommodations in your locality.


Teambit is an HR software which uses animal characters as part of its animation-heavy landing page. Additionally, one can enjoy the animated cartoons highlighting each informational section of the landing page.

eBook Landing Page Design


Nauto is an efficient data platform for managing fleets of self-driving cars, which ensures the safety of your fleets in an eBook form with safety tips. Furthermore, it helps to identify your negligent or high-risk drivers and keep liability claims at a minimum. Customers can fill out a brief contact form and then hit the Download Now button to get the Ebook in pdf format. Thereby, some brief statistics about car accidents will pop-up along with “Get the eBook” call-to-action button at the bottom of the page.

Industrial Strength Marketing

Industrial Strength Marketing uses a trendy punchline ‘Don’t Make Me Zoom’ right at the top of its landing page. So, it clearly conveys the message that the website is designed for compliance with all device platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. For instance, we can blow up the size of fonts and form fields to avoid the need for pinch-to-zoom whenever users visit these pages.

Inbound Emotion

Inbound Emotion uses animated hand-gestures to suggest directional cues for filling out the contact form. Also, it prompts to share the page with others. For instance, HubSpot partner sites typically use such a design strategy to entice visitors into signing up for their service.


Landbot employs a chat-powered landing page to engage visitors in conversation with a friendly bot. For instance, it uses emojis and GIFs to entice the visitors into buying the product or service.

What Is Included in Landing Page Design Strategy?

Create higher-converting landing pages with a conversion-centered design with The 7 Principles. Guide your visitors through a single call-to-action using a combo of persuasive design and emotional triggers to drive conversions. Here are the 7 key parameters that will seal the fate of conversions:

Customer’s Attention

A unique call to action (CTA) button helps to draw the customer’s attention. For instance, such CTA buttons would focus on offers and benefits for the clients or customers, and not just an attempt to publicize the company.


Build a contextual bond between pre-click (campaign source) and post-click (landing page) as it helps support seamless engagement with the user.


Create content that effectively communicates the value proposition of the campaign while targeting the specific user requirements.


It is the importance of aligning key elements in the landing page in order to garner relevant customer information from potential buyers.


Building customer trust is crucial and stock testimonials alone will not serve the purpose. Consequently, a good landing page greets a customer with special offers and an uncompromising commitment to delivering the desired results.


Identify and remove negative influences in your closing argument, which often seals the fate of your potential conversions.


Strategize ways to generate the second conversion and create the ultimate post-conversion experience for your potential customers. So, such conversions are the result of enabling users with access to other marketing channels.


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