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Magento Development

Why You Need Magento Development Services?

Magento is the most popular open-source eCommerce framework to build scalable, robust, and feature-rich eCommerce apps. Thereby, you get a remarkable shopping experience in one piece. Its codebase is built to resolve issues at the enterprise eCommerce level, including large-scale eCommerce deployments. Furthermore, its support for modular framework brings versatility and flexibility to the core of integrated eCommerce experiences.

Magento is often touted as the ‘Vendors’ Favorite Platform’. This is due to its immense website management capabilities with an array of webpage building tools. Also, it is both SEO and developer-friendly platform. In other words, Magento is capable of producing a well-optimized eCommerce website with superior control over resolving issues. Some of those commonly addressed issues include page traffic, duplicate content, and page indexing. Additionally, it helps to save time and effort as it enables developers to easily update content and add new pages or links to the website.

Types of Services Offered with Magento Development

B2B Commerce

The Development Services mainly focus on B2B eCommerce businesses. In other words, it aims at meeting the needs of vendors whose primary customers are companies, rather than consumers.

eCommerce Consulting

Besides, our talented web designers and software developers bring you customized and integrated eCommerce solutions to meet your business goals and objectives.

eCommerce Solutions

Additionally, we offer you a complete eCommerce solution that helps you build the platform from scratch using our latest technology stacks. Consequently, these stacks will be executed on the front-end, back-end development, integrations, testing and optimization services.

Multi-Vendor eCommerce

Furthermore, our Multi-vendor eCommerce solutions will help you reach the target audience. Thereby, it will satisfy the needs of your customers and vendors.

Omni-Channel eCommerce

Our Omni-Channel eCommerce services also ensure that your businesses meet their strategic brand goal. Additionally, it offers a seamless user experience with our online and offline integration of eCommerce solutions.

Integration Solutions 

We also assist brands in integrating their CRM, ERP, Warehousing platforms and inventory management, besides shipping, payments, and email solutions.

Platform Migration

Furthermore, we can help you scale up your existing eCommerce business through our seamless platform migration to Magento. In other words, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition using our well-structured data and platform migration process.

eCommerce Account Management

Consequently, companies can create and maintain their own accounts, each with teams of buyers with various roles and levels of permission. Also, a B2B Commerce functionality includes a flexible API that integrates with a variety of ERP solutions from Magento partners.

Magento Social

Magento brings the first third-party extension that we are bundling with Magento Commerce, which is known as ‘Magento Social’. Precisely, this extension establishes a connection between your store and your corporate Facebook account. Thereby, it creates a page with products from your catalog. Finally, when shoppers click a product, they are redirected to the corresponding product page in your Magento store.

What Makes Magento Stand Out?

Undoubtedly, Magento 2.0 brings the best omnichannel experience with a multitude of modular integration services and enterprise-level scalability. Consequently, it is ideal for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) who want to migrate to a highly-reliable platform.

Superior eCommerce Experience

Also, Magento 2.0 is the hallmark of the eCommerce experience built for over 250,000 online stores and embraced by millions.

Flexible and versatile architecture

Given its flexible and versatile architecture, Magento is extremely adaptable to varying eCommerce needs and goals.

Enterprise Level Scalability

Furthermore, Magento 2.0 brings extreme stability with 50% faster page loading times and notably lesser load on your servers. So, it can handle great web traffic like a piece of cake.

Mobile Responsive

Magento is mobile ready and extremely responsive on all portable platforms, including mobile phones and tablets. So, customers can shop on the go without any hiccups with display resolutions or font sizes or rendering issues.

Ultra Secure

Magento 2.0 offers great security checks against online threats with multi-step server validation. Thus, it protects your online transactions through payment gateways with its stringent security upgrades.

Easy Integrations

Furthermore, Magento 2.0 brings extreme stability with 50% faster page loading times and notably lesser load on your servers. So, it can handle great web traffic like a piece of cake.


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