Multi-Vendor E-commerce Marketplace will multiply your earning potential without compromising security or convenience

Multi-Vendor E-commerce Marketplace

Why You Need Multi-Vendor E-commerce Marketplace?

An E-commerce website is limited to a single vendor who can sell his goods and services. However, a multi-vendor platform offers the freedom to sell products and services through several vendors at the same time. Consequently, this allows customers to buy all kinds of goods or services in one place which is the main advantage of the multi-vendor concept. Multi-Vendor E-commerce Marketplace is gaining precedence worldwide with the exponential rise of Internet and smartphone users. Furthermore, the majority of shoppers worldwide are opting for online retailers over offline stores to save money and time. Consequently, the E-commerce industry is booming unprecedentedly.

Multi-Vendor E-commerce Marketplace brings huge business potential and growth regardless of your target audience. This is because you can launch a single product category or multiple categories as per your business strategy. You may charge smaller commission from vendors while racking up sales in big volume to beat the competition from established rivals. Additionally, we help you adopt sound marketing strategies to grow your business into a profitable venture. A well-designed multi-vendor E-commerce platform enables you to launch your business globally. This is unlike an offline store which is limited by its geographic location. Consequently, you can expand your customer base and profits at the same time. Foxteria offers you tailor-made E-commerce solutions based on your budget and client requirements. Thereby, you get the best multi-vendor E-commerce platform and design to satisfy your clients’ diverse needs.

Highly-Popular Technologies of Multi-Vendor E-commerce platforms


It is the most robust version of the multi-vendor E-commerce marketplace with a simple front-end form that gives access to a detailed dashboard. Also, vendors can display a detailed profile page with their product listings and ratings. Customers can search by keyword, besides filtering the search by category, price, name, and relevance.


It is the most popular version of the E-commerce platform due to its flexibility and feature-rich attributes. Also, it packs ready-to-use and customizable design features to run an online store effectively. Given its affordability, it is an ideal platform for a startup multi-vendor E-commerce company.


Standalone platforms like Magento or Prestashop are tightly integrated with a separate content management system to become fully functional. In contrast, Drupal Commerce has inbuilt CMS and online marketing platform. This will ensure flawless user experience on Drupal, unlike other multi-vendor E-commerce platforms.


PrestaShop is a free and open-source E-commerce solution which is also powered by PHP language and MqSQL database. Around 250,000 online outlets worldwide are currently adopting this technology in 60 different languages.

Woo Commerce

It is an open-source E-commerce plugin for WordPress. Given WordPress’s simplicity and customization capabilities, Woo Commerce is gaining popularity among the masses.

Virtue Mart

It is another open-source multi-vendor E-commerce solution based on Mambo or Joomla content management systems. Its coding is done in PHP while the MySQL database powers its storage environment. It is ideally meant for low or mid-level traffic websites.

Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace – What It Includes?

Seller Dashboard

Each vendor gets a unique dashboard to analyze the sales performance of his products and services.

Vendor Specific URL

Vendors can use a unique brand name or store name in their home page URLs for a special identity to their web pages.


Sellers can promote their website, products, and services using the portfolio page.

Custom Attributes

Web admins can create custom attributes that allow sellers to add new product categories in the frontend.

Bulk e-mailing Options

Marketplace or platform owners can send bulk emails to vendors on payments and revenues while also alerting customers about forthcoming offers.

Fully Customisable

A fully-customizable multi-vendor E-commerce platform is both user-friendly and feature-rich. Thus, it ensures faster conversions of target audience into loyal customers.

YouTube Videos

Sellers can import demo or promotional content videos for specific products from YouTube.

Ajax Loading Speed

Reduce load time of pages using Ajax when customers use filters to view specific products with relevance or price filters.

Responsive Theme

Dedicated Multi-vendor E-commerce theme that fits all screen sizes and works on any interface (Smartphones, tablets, and laptops) with the utmost responsiveness.

Key Benefits of Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace

With our fully-customizable and feature-rich multi-vendor E-commerce platform, you can rest assured that the number of conversions from target audience to loyal customers will grow in quick time. This is especially true as we help you grow and expand your marketplace based on the changing trends of your audience. Our designs for Multi-Vendor E-commerce Marketplace brings you comprehensive features of the shopping cart with the following benefits.


  • Unique design and strong back-end application support with open source coding support for utmost flexibility
  • Extended support for SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Enhanced support for multi-store and multi-vendor login (at extra cost)
  • Hosting platforms and multi-language support, besides product reviews and ratings
  • Login and Register with ownership handover option
  • Performance overview of the platform through regular maintenance schedule
  • Security Aspects of the platform


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