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NodeJS Development

What Is Node.js?

Node.js is one of the leading mobile and web application development platforms which offers highly feature-rich, scalable and non-buffering application in real time. In other words, it is an event-driven, lightweight I/O model which is built on Google’s V8 engine.

In a nutshell, Node.js is a tool to help developers build apps outside the browser environment using Javascript. It is an evolving technology that fixes the cross-platform gap between the server, and web or mobile apps.

Why You Need Node.js Development Services?

Inexpensive Development Cycle

Node.js development takes fewer resources to complete big projects, despite supporting a rich feature set for cost-effective hosting. Consequently, it leads to inexpensive hosting and development cost.

Node.js Is Fast

As Node.js is based on Google’s V8 engine, it comes with an exceptional running speed. Consequently, it takes less time for the development, thanks to seamless integration with other codes & APIs. In other words, the developers just have to write the code and Node.js apps will run as per the instructions provided.

Node.js Promotes Sharing

It also supports sharing with Node Package Manager or NPM which comes with a repository of 50,000 packages. This huge collection of packages will come in handy for developers to create effective solutions.

Uses Integrated Package Manager

Using the integrated NPM, developers can update, share or reuse codes with utmost ease and hence results in a faster development process. Consequently, Node.js package manager brings robust and a consistent solution for developers.

Robust Client App Communication

The Node.js app can handle numerous client app requests simultaneously, owing to its compatibility with both browser and server.

Frontend & Backend Development

As it’s a JavaScript-based technology, it will speed up both back-end and front-end apps considerably.

Cloud Scalability

Furthermore, it offers high scalability to handle heavier app loads when there is a need-based business expansion. As it supports the cloud platform, there is no limit for hardware resource expansion including storage, processing power, and system memory.

Highly Secured

Node.js development also offers a fully reliable, robust and secure architecture with a strong community support. It is also usable for streaming the data from different sources.

Serves as Proxy Server

it also acts as a proxy server for running numerous services with quicker response times. For instance, if a server-side app is employed for communicating with third-party resources, storing images or collecting data, then Node.js can be used as a proxy server if an enterprise lacks its professional proxy infrastructure.

Popular Node.js Frameworks

Node.js development removes the complexity of using two separate programming languages for front-end and back-end. Consequently, the use of top Node.js frameworks will extend functionality and push its language capability further.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of the most popular Node.js frameworks which are currently being used:

Node.js Development – Express

It is one of the most stable and well-documented options with support for numerous plugins and a great routing API. With a minimalist outline, it allows developers to take full control of the project while supporting the largest user database. It caters to both single and multi-page web app development.

Node.js Development – Meteor

Meteor is another crowd-favorite with a supportive community on GitHub and an extensive documentation to help you build real-time web and mobile apps. With just one API, it works right out of the box on both the client and server sides. Developers can reuse the same code for apps across cross-platform devices, which is its biggest plus. Consequently, it becomes easier to push updates without app store approval and users won’t need to download a new app every time. In a nutshell, it is a full stack open source platform for web, iOS and Android app development using the same code base.

Node.js Development – Total.js

It is a quick upgrade for users of PHP’s Laravel, Python’s Django or ASP.NET MVC. Its framework is highly flexible and supports diverse database options. For instance, it includes the native Total platform which is a set of libraries and user-tips to help jumpstart web application projects. Total.js is a server-side framework which supports fastest development times, low maintenance costs, besides being extremely stable and scalable.

Node.js Development – Hapi.js

With a robust plugin system and multi-tasking capabilities, Hapi.js is fast becoming the global leader in Node.js frameworks. Consequently, it is practically used in input validation, error handling and implement caching as it is written entirely with reusable bits of application logic. Hapi.js finds its use in building APIs and software apps for corporate clients like Macy’s and Conde Nast.

Node.js Development Services – What It Includes?

Node.js Development

Web Application Development

With our Web Application Development, we bring you speedy design execution and faster data streaming, besides good synchronization and handling. Also, with Node.js development we support cross-platform running environment along with single programming base across front-end and back-end. Moreover, we offer easy and fast development of real-time and appealing web apps.

Node.js Development

Mobile App Development

The Node.js development platform can be integrated with a Reactive Native framework with I/O architecture and concurrency feature. Besides, it offers multi-user as well as large user base support. Furthermore, it includes real-time, interactive, cross-platform, responsive and native app support.

Node.js Development

JS Consulting

Our Node.js and javascript experts will assist you with the total end-to-end development life cycle. Thereby, we bring you superior designing, customization, deployment and maintenance services.

Node.js Development

JS Migration

Node.js development platform and runtime environment will enable a seamless data migration of existing apps from any platform to Node.js.


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