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PrestaShop Development

Why You Need PrestaShop Development Services?

PrestaShop is another industry-standard open source eCommerce platform which is known for its versatile functionality and abundant feature set. Despite being built with a lightweight database, it is capable of processing large volumes of data. Also, PrestaShop is ideally suited for online business merchants and partners, because of its specialties like AJAX features and robust design. Besides, it is completely coded in PHP with the support of Smarty framework while it runs on Apache server and IIS.

PrestaShop offers an extremely refined set of features such as user registration, and search-engine-friendly features such as keyword tags, meta description, and customized URLs. Consequently, it widens your business reach across the global audience with ease. Additionally, you also get stunning design templates as well as a backend admin panel with powerful features. Thereby, it serves the eCommerce needs of SMB’s with the use of an innovative shopping cart software.

PrestaShop Development Services – What It Includes?

PrestaShop will help you thrive in a competitive marketplace as it is a powerful, professional, and dynamic eCommerce solution. Furthermore, it can adapt to any type of businesses of varying sizes (small to medium). Here is the complete list of services we offer:

PrestaShop Online Store Design and Development

Firstly, we build PrestaShop eCommerce stores to maximize the visibility of your business over the internet. Also, we bring you a safe and secure shopping experience, thanks to our dedicated team of designers and developers.

Custom PrestaShop Application Development

Secondly, we help you create custom mobile apps for PrestaShop to widen your business reach across the globe.

PrestaShop eCommerce Shopping Cart integration

Thirdly, the PrestaShop eCommerce Shopping Cart is focused on Small and Medium Scale Businesses, given its highly-customizable features.

PrestaShop Custom Plug-in Development

Besides, the custom plug-in features of PrestaShop development aim at a scalable eCommerce platform while also boosting sales and Returns on Investment (ROI).

PrestaShop Custom Module Development

We also aid you in choosing and customizing your theme and modules as per your business goals.

Multi-store or marketplace development

Furthermore, we promise to deliver a complete and feature-rich eCommerce multi-store for your online success.

Shipping module development

By integrating the shipping logistic module, PrestaShop also saves time and helps optimize the processing formalities for delivery.

Data migration from other shopping carts

Moreover, we ensure a smooth transition with data migration to the current version of the shopping cart.

Responsive web design and development

PrestaShop is also well-optimized for a responsive design on all mobile platforms. Consequently, there is no performance compromise while rendering the web pages on varying display resolutions and screen sizes.

SEO enabled site development

PrestaShop enables sound SEO strategies for websites to improve the overall site visibility for Google search results. For instance, the page title is an important ranking factor which is often used as a title of the search result in Google. Besides, it also makes use of SEO friendly slugs that include the focus keyword which also matches with the page title. Thereby, we will have a fully SEO-optimized website on PrestaShop platform.

Payment module development

PrestaShop brings in a multitude of payment gateway options which ensure that you have the freedom to choose anyone as per your business needs. PrestaShop sites also enable customers to get a summary of their transactions before proceeding to validate the cart. So, this helps in increasing the spread of customers across various geographical areas and credit/debit cards. Besides, we help in improving the conversion rates of your website by integrating reliable payment gateways with it.

Drop-ship and feed integration

Furthermore, its feed integration enables you to cut subscription costs to a feed aggregator while also boosting traffic and sales. Meanwhile, the drop-ship module ensures that you grow your online activity without bothering about the inventory management.

Third-party API integrations (SOAP, REST, JSON)

It is also highly-compatible with third-party API integrations. In other words, it is easily adaptable to new add-ons or mods.

Social Networking sites integration

PrestaShop also offers easier integration of Social networking sites through its module integration services.

Maintenance and Upgradation

Our talented team of developers also ensure that your website gets periodic maintenance and updates for its smooth functioning.

Salient Features of PrestaShop Development Services

PrestaShop is the best eCommerce platform for the budget-conscious people who want a standard online store with decent features. So, it is a good choice for start-ups and medium scale businesses for portraying good online presence.

However, its limited scalability means that it cannot cater to large-scale projects or rapid business expansion. Consequently, you have to choose your eCommerce platform wisely and precisely based on your business purpose.

Easy to Add New Features

Firstly, PrestaShop has large-scale built-in features such as product management, shipping management, supply management, and customer management. Besides, this eCommerce platform also allows the addition of multiple new functional features and that too very easily.

PrestaShop gets a plethora of new features through modules or add-ons or extensions. So, using such modules or extensions, you can customize and personalize the look, feel and functionality of your store according to your business needs and requirements. And the icing on the cake is that a majority of modules or extensions are available free of cost at the Add-ons Store.

Supreme Back-End Management

Secondly, PrestaShop’s feature set for back-end management is highly impressive and it is even integrated with all the major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Also, the backend dashboard of PrestaShop constitutes of maximum store management statistics and tools with minimal text. Besides, the dashboard includes tools with which you can easily manage and set up your catalog and subsequently your store.

Furthermore, the settings on the dashboard are well-laid out, intuitive to use, stat driven, graphs and counters centric and above all professional. Consequently, business owners should definitely opt for PrestaShop as the eCommerce platform for their online store as this can help manage their online business very effectively without the help of any additional Business Management Software.

Open Source Code

Thirdly, it relies on Open Source code and does not require any copyright licensing to run the store which is its biggest advantage. So, it is free to use with all the new features and functionality that come with every new update.

Easy to understand

Furthermore, it is relatively easier to understand the functionality when compared to other eCommerce platforms. Consequently, you won’t need any professional guidance to learn its workflow.

Multi-language support

PrestaShop also supports multiple languages ranging up to 45 along with multi-currency support.

Lightweight Platform

Also, Prestashop’s server installation is highly affordable as it is built on a lightweight platform by nature.

Improved Functionality

Starting with version 1.6, PrestaShop introduces a host of new features including bootstrap 3.0 integration, and user-friendly navigation. It also brings 2000+ mobile responsive themes and 25000+ plugins for added functionality, besides user-friendly add-to-cart features.

SEO Friendly

Finally, PrestaShop offers you features like keyword tags, Meta information for products and categories, customized URLs and more which allows your store to reach a wider audience across the globe.


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