We build Responsive Design that is fluidic in nature and adapts to the user’s device environment

Responsive Design Services

Responsive Design promotes your business productivity and offers an optimal user experience regardless of the delivery platform being used. Consequently, users can enjoy the best browsing experience on any platform including mobile, tablet or a desktop.

Why You Need Our Responsive Design Services?

In a nutshell, Responsive Design offers a fixed, fluid and adaptive user experience. Precisely, the constantly evolving concepts and jargons have revolutionized the device environments over the years. This applies to smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops.

The exponential rise of mobile users has made it imperative for businesses to align their web designs to best suit user’s device environment. Consequently, it becomes easier to draw massive traffic using specific, user-centric design strategies.

It makes perfect sense to focus on designs that break, mold and adhere to the size your users want it. So, it’s time to go responsive folks!

Our responsive design experiences tell us that pages with spontaneous on-screen navigability and better content accessibility will attract more users. As a result, this will eventually lead to better conversions.

We deploy marketing sense to our design with aesthetic considerations to boost engagement rates and conversions. For instance, texture and white-spaces adjustment will enhance viewability and user experience considerably.

Not only can we fit in responsive design in your templates, but also renovate and make it much cleaner in an aesthetical way. Furthermore, our elite team of designers is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and expertise to make your website more accessible. We also bring you flexible grid-based layouts that use re-sizing, media queries or flexible images & media.

What Is Included in Foxteria Responsive Design Services?

Not just responsive to fit screens

Our responsive design will bring you more than just sites that fit all screen sizes. In other words, our immersive and intuitive designs make mobile browsing more engaging and interactive.

UI/UX designs that blend in

Our UI and UX designs render seamless, interactive and intuitive user experience. Also, our UI/UX designer employs responsive design thinking and data-driven approach to render unmatched experience to mobile users.

Multiple device accessibility

Our responsive web design services are tested to render seamlessly across multiple devices and different OS. Thereby, we ensure consistent user experience across devices for all the designs elements – enticing layouts, personalized web features, and database-driven web applications.

Visually appealing and alluring graphics

Our experienced graphics expert develops self-defining artworks which are a hallmark of quality and user-centric designs. Additionally, we hook your users with breathtaking aesthetics and eye-catching designs.

Cross-browser compatibility

We ensure the web content is accessible on wide-ranging devices through user-centric compatibility, which is attained by making minor adjustments to any website.

Fluid Navigation

We also bring you a fluid navigation system with ways for collating large menus and content. For instance, it may be the familiar hamburger style menu, a simple drop-down selection, expand/collapse fields or you could use tabs that scroll horizontally.


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