Our Creative Website Redesign Services for special identity and user experience ensures great usability, user traffic, profitability and reputation for your business.

Foxteria Website Redesign Services

Website Redesign Services – Issue Identification

Foxteria ensures that its clients and customers get all their issues addressed in time. Whether you need a user-friendly site or a better interface to highlight your business needs, we have you covered. Additionally, we help you to address outdated web designs and design incompatibility issues with devices. Our Website Redesign Services ensure that it is compatible with all media platforms including smartphones, tablets, and laptops or desktops,

Website Redesign Services – Issue Analysis

Foxteria runs an extensive analysis of its client’s issues by testing the website performance on various parameters. We run browser tests, collect feedback from designers worldwide and evaluate user interaction (clicks) for Website Redesign Services.

Furthermore, we check the responsiveness of your site on different media platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Also, we optimize the display or website rendering for these platforms. Thereby, we are able to evaluate and improvise the load times on various device platforms. We also ensure that communication requests between server and clients are well optimized, using our Website Redesign Services.

As the best website redesign company in Bangalore, Foxteria offers creative design services with the latest content marketing techniques. With customer satisfaction at the heart of our work, we redesign your website to attract more traffic and reputation for your business.

What is included in Foxteria Website Redesign Services?

Fully Optimized Website

We offer you a fully functional website with the latest design technologies and trendy page layouts. Furthermore, our Website Redesign  Services highlight your company’s products and services to attract more visitors to your site.

Search Engine Optimized Keywords

Our highly-researched and impactful keywords will boost your website ranking on search engines.

Appealing User Interface Design

We employ good UX and UI design strategies to give your brand an elegant and creative look. Besides, our UI design with Website Redesign Services is both unique and user-friendly.

SEO Compliant Navigation System

We design the navigation system in a way that makes it user-friendly as well as fully-optimized for the search engine. Consequently, our Website Redesign Services use the branching structure with parent and child relationship between the main and sub-categories.

Image Optimization

Image optimization ensures that the images fit well into the page layout, besides adhering to the standard resolution. This is a key process of our Website Redesign Services.

Video Optimization

Video Optimization ensures that your consumers get the best viewing experience, especially through reduced video load times or buffering time. Additionally, our Website Redesign Services ensure reduced network bandwidth consumption for video sessions.

What benefits are included in Foxteria Website Redesign Services? 

Fully-Functional and Unique Designs

Foxteria believes in achieving customer delight through unique user interface design, site re-structuring, and makeover for a fully-functional website. Consequently, our Website Redesign Services bring special identity to your website with improved usability and user experience.

Using unique eye-catchy logos, our Website Redesign Services offer you the most functional and visually-appealing website which caters to diverse customer needs. Furthermore, our design methodologies not only highlight your products and services but also portray your company’s core values to the customers.

Key Benefits Of Our Affordable Design Services

Keeping affordability in mind, we give your brand an elegant and creative look with our fully-optimized design services. With affordability, functionality, and usability as our mantra, we strive to benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Build a fully-optimized website with good UX and UI design tips
  • Boost rankings on search engines with Search-Engine Optimized keywords
  • Offer visually-appealing user interface design
  • A user-friendly navigation system which is also SEO compliant
  • Emphasis on image optimization, video optimization, breadcrumbs and guidance links for designing a great website

Personalized and Customized Page Layouts

We offer you Website Redesign Services which is presentable and profitable for your business. Besides, we also personalize or customize our design strategy to meet your diverse requirements for any minor or major website.

Fresh and Unique Looks

We update your website with the latest web design technologies and trendy page layouts. Also, our design services give a new look to your site without losing the basic feel of the original.

Great Landing Page Design for Maximum Reach

We offer a great landing page design to enable maximum reach to your targeted audience within a short period. This ensures that you will retain the old customers while enticing new customers to the website.

Periodic Maintenance and Key Design Updates

Thanks to our expertise in Website Redesign Services, you will reap sustainable growth over a period of time. Therefore, you can rest assured as our highly-skilled team takes care of your periodically varying needs with key design updates.


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